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TCEA 20 for 2020 (Day 7): The Most Dangerous Writing App!

In today's TCEA 20 for 2020 blog post, I am really challenging myself because I am using the app I am referring to to create this entry. It's called The Most Dangerous Writing App and it challenges writers to write without stopping to overthink the writing process.

For this blog entry, I went to the website and set a three minute timer. As long as I keep typing without taking any major pauses, I'm fine. I will be able to cut and paste these words into my blog. If, however, I stop typing for an extended period (about ten seconds) I will lose everything I've typed so far.

(Halfway there!)

The site is designed to encourage writers to write without double guessing or over analyzing their work. It helps writers get ideas down on the page and worry about the editing later. It's extremely motivating and helpful in getting started on any writing project.

I can see lots of great uses for this site in the classroom, but I'm sure it will also lead to some frustration when students lose their work. The timer can be set from a minimum of 3 minutes all the way up to 6 minutes. There is a even a "hardcore" mode where you can't see what you've already typed.

(Okay, that's as far as I got in three minutes. I type slowly.)

So, give The Most Dangerous Writing app a try! I dare you!

To learn more about TCEA, visit their website at, follow their Tech Notes Blog , or subscribe to their new Ed Tech Club podcast!

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