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Our TCEA 20 for 2020 Series!

We were so blessed to attend the TCEA 2020 Convention and Exposition last week in Austin, Texas. It was an incredible week of learning , sharing, networking, and more! Our district was lucky enough to be able to send a team of 18 and we have lots to share with our colleagues!

So, starting today we will post one takeaway from the conference and we'll continue for twenty days. It could be an amazing website we learned about, a new extension or app, or just some inspirational words of wisdom we picked up.

Today's 20 for 2020 comes to us courtesy of one our Special Education teachers, Dana Kavanagh who learned about ClassCraft. ClassCraft is a fun way to add gamification to your classroom and engage students. Similar to ClassDojo for younger students, ClassCraft allows teachers to award points to students for desired behaviors.

Students start with a game character and can use points to buy powers, clothing, and more for their characters. They can also use their points in exchange for things they really need like extended time on a project. Teachers can also team students together to promote collaboration. The game characters look similar to characters our students see in games they already love playing, so they are really motivated to gain more points.

While there are paid versions of the tool, the free version will work great for most teachers who are eager to get their students engaged! So, level up and get a ClassCraft account!

To learn more about TCEA, visit their website at, follow their Tech Notes Blog , or subscribe to their new Ed Tech Club podcast!

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