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TCEA 20 for 2020 (Day 5): EquatIO

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

This next tool is for all of you math and science folks. EquatIO is a Chrome extension that helps you to create math equations in Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets and Drawings. Check out this Google Doc that 7th Grade math teacher, Kathryn Herlich created.

The mobile feature allows you to use a QR code to enable OCR on your phone. It will recognize all print and is great for handwriting equations for digital conversion too. Predictive text guesses what you are trying to input and gives you options to choose from to complete your formula. Dictation features allow you to speak your equation or formula for conversion to a digital format. All of these features and more make it an awesome tool that you can utilize NOW. And guess what...? Premium feature are now FREE for teachers!

View the video below for more details about the extension and click HERE to add it to your Chrome browser.

Thank you Kathryn for this awesome share from TCEA 2020!

To learn more about TCEA, visit their website at, follow their Tech Notes Blog , or subscribe to their new Ed Tech Club podcast!

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