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We've Only Just Begun!

Welcome to the new "Two Geeks and a Gal" blog. We are so happy you've found us!

We are the Instructional Technology half of the Ft. Sam Houston ISD Technology Department. We are located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas on the Fort Sam Houston Military Installation. You can "meet" us and learn more about what the two geeks and the gal do on our About Us page. Together with our amazing technical support staff and administrative assistant, we are out to make a difference in the lives our teachers, staff, and students!

We also want share our excitement outside the district, thus this blog. Our goal with the blog is threefold. We want to use it for education, reflection, and celebration.


We truly are geeks and proud of it. (Even the "gal" is a geek at heart!) When we hear about a great new ed tech tool, we can't wait to share it with others and see how it engages students in the classroom and re-ignites teacher's passions! We will use this blog to share new tools, integration strategies, and more. We'll post resources, step-by-step instructions, and the occasional video tutorial to help our readers make the most of edtech!


We all three strongly believe in the power of self-reflection. And one of the best ways to reflect on past experience is to write about it. We will use this medium as a means to reflect on (as our superintendent likes to say) the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are blessed to work in a district that protects us from adverse consequences for trying something new. So, at times our reflections will be a time for sharing our success. Other times, we will share our experience in hopes you can learn from our stumbles!


When it comes to edtech, we know the real magic happens in the classrooms and in the schools. We are always amazed at the work of our teachers and students. We will use this space as a way to celebrate those wonderful successes! It is our hope that the successes we share will inspire others to try new things and continue to inspire and engage your own staff and students!

We hope you stop back by often! If you subscribe to the blog, then you will receive email alerts any time there are new posts.

Here's a preview of what's to come this week ... At our recent district technology conference, Tech-a-Palooza, we challenged our staff to try three things this year:

  • Swim in the Deep End

  • Get Real, and

  • Talk to the Duck.

Curious? Then tune in this week!

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